Friday, July 24, 2015


First of all, I need to brag about this girl. She is a delight to take to Balboa Park. She sits up in her stroller and looks at everything. I think it's the eyes and the cute pudgy cheeks that cause dozens of “how cute she is” comments from passers-by. She takes everything in and is clearly having a good time.
On this visit, the first stop is the rose garden that happens to be at its peak on this 23rd day of March. I don't think this is her favorite event for the day, but she is content looking around while I thoroughly enjoy the spectacular Inez Grant Parker MemorialRose Garden at its best. With more than 1,600 roses and 130 varieties, it is easy to see why the display has been the recipient of many awards, including the Great Rosarians of the World Rose Garden Hall of Fame in 2014.
Next, we meander over to the Prado restaurant where I decide to take a chance on the table at the entrance so there will be lots of activity for Mila to observe. I am a little uneasy about putting her in the highchair and trying to enjoy a meal with her in this restaurant, but it turns out fine. My salad comes quickly and she is intrigued by the ice that I put on the table (this was suggested by another customer as she walked by). Thank you, lady, whoever you were.
Black doll Exhibit
The Mingei International Museum is featuring an exhibition called: Black Dolls—From the Collection of Deborah Neff. I have been looking forward to seeing it with Mila and this seems like a good day to give it a try. There are 125 handmade dolls on display and I'm not sure what Mila thinks about them, but her eyes are big and it's fun to be with her. I hope she enjoys playing with her dolls as much as I did when growing up. I heard that little girls aren't playing with them as much as they used to. (This exhibition has ended, however, there is an interesting book featuring the collection entitled: Black Dolls: Unique African American Dolls, 1850-1930 from the Collection of Deborah Neff.)
The volunteer guard at the exhibit said that he enjoys his grandchildren too. He said that he enjoys them more than his own children.
I agreed, it is quite different. I told him that I hope I did ok, because I can't remember that much about raising my own kids.
He said his turned out well so he must of done a good job.
I guess I will have to settle for that because mine are doing well too. I told him that when I am with my granddaughter I totally focus on her—that is different than with my own, when there was always something else that needed to be done at the same time. Grandchildren and children are a blessing.
I stop for a coffee-to-go and the young man comments that Mila looks like she is a fun child to be with and he is right on. She just enjoys everything. He asks how old she is (nine months), and said that he finds it interesting to think about the new generation and what their future might be. We agree that there will be some good and bad that she will have to deal with. I guess that is about as optimistic as anyone can be about the future of this world.
Fortunately, Mila fell asleep in the stroller for her much needed afternoon nap. It also gives me a chance to read and relax in the park.
                          * * * * *
It's July, and I am still bringing Mila to the park on Tuesdays. Things have changed now that she is walking and is not always content to sit in her stroller. I guess you could say it's a little more exhausting. She moves fast and I have to hold on to her. However, when she walks and waves at people along the way it's precious. She doesn't discriminate—everyone is her friend, including the dogs.
On other visits we've watched the Merry-go-Round, however, today I decide it's time to take her for a ride. We ride on one of the horses together, and I hold her tightly on my lap. Around we go.It makes me dizzy, but she has fun.                                         
There is always someone singing or playing an instrument in the park, which is another great source of entertainment for Mila. Today she sees another little girl standing up and dancing to the music so she decides to join her.

We sometimes visit the WorldBeat Center, and today there happens to be a children's summer camp going on. Watching all those kids drumming, chanting and moving is probably the highlight of Mila's day.
She doesn't fall asleep in the stroller like she used to. Instead she falls asleep in the car seat on the way home. Then I relax in the parked car outside her home while she finishes the nap.

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