Wednesday, February 11, 2015



      After spending a week each in Sydney and Melbourne, we arrive in Adelaide on December 23, just in time to celebrate Christmas with my nephew Bill. He is as vibrant and entertaining as ever and a great tour guide. It was decided that we would have Christmas Eve dinner together at our rented home, and Bill would host Christmas Day at his lovely new home in the Norwood section of Adelaide, which was about three miles away from us.
      The cottage we rented through was located on a quiet block of sandstone brick homes that were built in the late 1800s with colorful red sandstone. It was spacious and worked well for the week.
      A few blocks away was the 140 year-old Central Market, often referred to as the “Heart of Adelaide.” Anna and I rose early on Christmas Eve morning to head over to the crowded market with its eighty-plus colorful stalls and huge selection of local fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses. We started the day with a cup of flat-white (something like a cappucinno or latte that the Aussies are very proud of) at one of the local cafes. Then we spent the entire morning peering at the stalls before getting serious about the final food choices for our special Christmas Eve dinner. Finally, we decided on a leg of lamb and rolled pork roast for the main course. This would be accompanied by Anna's spinach and strawberry salad, roasted asparagus and fresh breads. We couldn't decide on just one dessert so settled for a variety of irresistible cakes and cookies—the gluten-free decadent chocolate cake took first place.
      Preparing a meal for seven in a new kitchen with limited utensils and space was a bit of a challenge, but the meal was delicious. Most importantly we all fit around the table and had the privilege of a first Christmas dinner with a grandchild sitting proudly in her high chair. Thanks to secret Santa's and hundreds of nearby wineries there was no shortage of beverages to accompany the meal. It was truly a great and blessed Christmas “down-under” that we will remember forever.
      Bill continued the celebration on Christmas Day when we joined him at his new Adelaide home in Norwood for a Swedish buffet (thanks to the local Ikea). Norwood is close to the city center and full of charming sandstone homes and churches from the 1800s—great for walking and biking. Add to that the convenience of Parade Avenue with its many restaurants, cafes, shops, and theaters, and it doesn't get much better.
      Adelaide, located in South Australia, is the fifth largest city in Australia. With a population of over one million it is surrounded by open spaces which include miles of beaches and wineries in the nearby hills. One could visit a new and unique winery every weekend for many years before running out of new places to go. With its park lands, squares, old architecture, museums and River Torrens meandering through, it is truly a very pleasant place to visit and live.






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