Tuesday, March 12, 2013


      It's another fine day in San Diego, and I'm headed out to do some Vintage shopping. I love the vintage stores because they each have a distinct personality. The clothing and accessories are one-of-a-kind. Displays and storefronts reflect the originality of the owners. They are artistic and colorful—bringing a bit of nostalgia for the past. What could be more fun?

     After enjoying a fresh spinach crepe at the always crowded Cafe21 in the Gaslamp District, I found the Boutique De Marcus, 685 2nd Avenue. Unlike most vintage stores, this one is located in a newer building. It is well marked with large glass windows displaying the upscale vintage look. It shares space with the Salon De Marcus, also owned by Marcus Hanish.

      As I walked in, I was immediately greeted by Randall who offered a tour. The tour consisted of his patiently showing me dozens of rare vintage dresses which I proceded to “ooh and ahh” over. We started with the long dresses which are my favorite.

      Randall answered all of my “novice” inquiries, like what does haute couture mean? “Exclusive custom fitted clothing.”

      Prices? “$500-$1,000+, although many are marked down due to a current sale.”

      Where do you get these dresses? “They are from the owner's private collection. He has been collecting vintage clothing for 15 years.”

      Sizes? “About size 8—12.”

      Do people bring dresses back for resale? “No.” (I don't think he appreciated this question.)

      Who do you sell to? (Honestly, I didn't ask this question, but I know the answer is something like the “rich and famous.”)

      I enjoyed the beauty of this haute couture place, including one of the dresses on a mannequin which I found out was a Roberto Cavalli. (Apparently I have good taste because Randall said that Cavalli is one of his favorites as well.) Other well known designers included Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Badgley Mischa, and Ralph Lauren. It was a pleasure to see this lovely clothing close-up, and in such pristine condition.

      In addition, there was a rack of short vintage dresses (some originals by Marcus, the owner) that the younger set and others would appreciate. The owner has twins, and those lucky girls are the recipients of some of these beautiful designs. I guess my kids didn't come out as well. I didn't even do handmade Halloween costumes.
     Randall pointed out the jewelry which was cleverly displayed in an old wooden cabinet--once again they are all one-of-a-kind items that the owner has purchased while traveling throughout the world. I think I would like this owners job. There were hat and purse displays throughout the stoe as well.

      Then we moved on to the original new design collection which includes dresses and the recently released Princess Tailored Women's Dress Shirts ($160 per shirt). High end men's clothing is also on display.


     If you have impeccable taste, and are looking for the very finest in vintage clothing, this is the

boutique for you. The friendly staff will make the visit even more enjoyable.





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  1. Great review. I absolutely love deMarcus*
    -Amanda (Louisiana)