Sunday, December 30, 2012


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!  I really appreciate your taking time throughout the year to follow my "Vintage Journeys". 

In addition to our holiday celebration this year, we had the added benefit of honoring our son, Ben, who recently graduated witha BS degree from the University of Ashford. Friends and family took a short break on Christmas Eve for a champagne toast to Ben. Here is the proud "Vintage Mom" speech: 
"We all know that achieving a college degree is not an easy feat--it requires a lot of perseverance and determination--we are very proud of Ben for this achievement.

Unlike most of us, Ben has managed to accomplish getting his formal education while at the same time experiencing life in many other ways.  He has traveled the world including nine visits to Iraq, toured with a band throughout western and eastern Europe, visited every state in the US and most provinces of Canada--along with Central America and Argentina.  He has played guitar and back-up singer in a traveling band, been a sound technician to numerous groups, set up stages and managed national and worldwide tours.  In addition, he has done it all with class--impressing many along the way with his good nature, hard work and humor.  Never does Ben let the ways of the world influence him--he does it his own way.

Currently he is employed by Americorp, managing projects that allow underprivileged people to live in their dream homes.  We have to believe he is on his way to far greater accomplishments in the future.  Ben has done a great job of keeping life interesting while moving on to bigger and better things as needed.  Ron and I will continue to learn from our children which is one of our greatest blessings."


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