Monday, January 30, 2012



Best Airfares:
Arthur Frommer recommended using the aggregators when looking for the best airfare.  These sites tell you what is available on an impartial basis and then you can go direct to the airline website to book the flight.
Here are the recommended aggregators:
Vintage Comment: I couldn't help but run a test to see if there was much difference between the aggregators and Expedia and Travelocity -  frankly every one of them gave me about the same airfare.  Of course,  they are all worth checking and the prices will vary at times  but I don't know that there is much difference. I have always preferred booking direct with the airline anyway so for me the aggregators are good way to go. 

Hotels and Rentals:
Arthur Frommer suggested  for accommodations.
Frequently mentioned websites: for last minutes hotels at 70% discount  for vacation rentals by owner which  (Vintage comment:  I have had great luck with this website.)
Rick Steves says he always calls and confirms his reservations verbally before arrival. Vintage comment: probably not a bad idea, especially, with the low cost of Skype calls. for reservations 1-3 months out. which is unfortunately is in the process of reducing the bidding aspect of it's business.

New federal Transportation Department Rules:
One important new ruling that all travelers should be aware of is the  New Total Cost Airport
rule which is effective today. Also included in this ruling is  "a 24-hour window for passengers to hold or cancel a reservation without payment or penalty for reservations made a week or more before the departure date, although some airlines already have voluntarily implemented this policy for years."

Free Travel with Frequent Flyer Miles:   this website charges $15.00 per month ($1 for first 14 days)  for advice on acquiring an incredible large number of free airline miles using credit cards.  and   are free websites that also offer advice. 
Vintage Comment:  the websites are of value because they have helped my husband and I acquire over 280,000 frequent flyer miles on American Airlines and British Airways in less than a year.

Other suggestions: for hotel reviews. to follow flights in the air at any time.   Vintage Comment: I just decided to give this a try on my seat assignments to Europe which was fortunate because it turned out that the seats we were assigned in both directions were rated as poor by   Fortunately I was still able to change them.  
Scan the first 2 pages of your passport and e-mail it to yourself so you always have a copy with you.

There was a lot about the new apps available for the iPhone and androids and new camera settings like "vivid color"  and "dreamy filter"  I am always amazed at the great photos people take even with the point and shoot cameras and new camera phones - it just keeps getting better.
Vintage Comment:    I am in the market for a new point and shoot camera and I have my heart set on the newly released Canon - PowerShot S100.  It is rated #1 by PC World and others.  I think is would be a good Valentines' gift - don"t you? 

Favorite Travel Blogs:

Finally,  I love to read travel blogs and one of my favorites, which I have been reading for many years,  is Johnny Jet.  He was one of the speakers at the show and I hope you take time to check out his blog to find out "where in the world"  he happens to be today. 

PHOTOS  of a great walk from the Los Angeles Union Station to the Travel Show at Staples Center.  It's just another 80 degree January day in Southern California.



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