Thursday, January 6, 2011


January 1, 2011 finally rolls around so we can hit the road (only after a great Christmas with family and friends which I would not trade for warm weather anywhere in the world).  However, it is definitely time to HIT THE ROAD.  The first 2 days we drove through Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming which were covered with snow and cold. We also encountered some strong winds and blowing snow. I must admit that I enjoyed relaxing in the car with my new Kindle (who said books are better?).
 Finally,  we reached Salt Lake City, Utah which is great anytime of the year.  The mountain views are spectacular and the world's greatest skiing is 30 to 40 minutes away.  That is assuming you don't run into an avalanche on your way to Snowbird.   My friendly mountain tour guide said that people come to Snowbird  from all over the world to learn avalanche control techniques from the best instructors.  Why anyone would knowingly ski off into a posted avalanche area is beyond my comprehension but they do it all too frequently.   I did spend one great day skiing at Snowbird and planned to take some photos to share, however, it was too cold for my camera and I couldn't get it to work - nuts. 
I did get a photo of a mill just outside of Salt Lake as we were leaving - best I could do.  From Salt Lake on the scenery was spectacular bringing a smile to my face most of the day (EXCEPT when I was driving and I suddenly had semi trucks on both sides and I was sure I was going to get crunched between them  - so much so that I screamed -  much to my husbands dismay.  Well he took over driving for the rest of the day and we survived.  Frankly I think driving across country is on the dangerous side. 
Just in case you are wandering if there really is a bar named Sue  my husband found one in Salt Lake City and of course I am attaching his photo (he rarely takes photos).

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