Monday, January 31, 2011


Frankly I do no care for golf. However, I am a real trooper when the scenery and company is unsurpassed. Torrey Pines with it's lovely trees and ocean views is worth a visit no matter what your golf interests are.
John and Anna picked us up at 8am to go to Torrey Pines for the tournament. Another beautiful perfect day in southern California (it might rain tomorrow but I will believe when I see it). They dropped us off and parked the car while we hung out at the Hilton. Next we forged through the crowds to see Tiger Woods (oh how quickly we forget and forgive - why not?) I watched all the people and tried to be interested in how the pros hit the ball and how many strokes behind par they are, who was winning, etc. The only real golf related interest I could come up with was rooting for Bubba Watson - I think it had something to do with his name.
The highlight was a lovely lunch buffet at the Hilton which was very near the golf course and probably not much more expensive then the sandwiches they sold on the tournament grounds.
Bubba won the tournament!

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