Monday, November 15, 2010


The Vintage Traveler is holed up in Minnesota for a couple of months with not much exciting to report in the way of travels.  So I will share some of my favorite memories from a recent  trip to Singapore.  The first thing everyone asked was why are you going to Singapore for a whole month?  The answer is because we like to get to know a place and settle in (also my husband likes to work on his laptop and moving around can be a bit stressful.)   I  like to revisit  favorite places and of course you can always find something new and interesting in a  large city like Singapore. My favorite places were Chinatown and Little India. My husbands' favorite place was the world famous library loaded with business books (of course the air conditioning helped).   We stayed in a small apartment at the Metro Y which was perfect for us and with the heat of Singapore the swimming pool was a godsend. In the early mornings I often walked a short mile to the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed the beauty of the gardens and participating in the Tai chi classes.

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