Sunday, October 24, 2010



 It all started because of an article in the Minneapolis Tribune about OLD HIGHLAND in North Minneapolis.  My goodness I had never heard of this area and I grew up in north Minneapolis and worked in the city for many years.  So when I read the description of numerous homes built in the late 1800's I was on my way to find out what I'd missed.  It is an area concentrated between Plymouth and Broadway, west of Lyndale Avenue. 
According to the Tribune they have formed a mini-neighborhood within the Near North neighborhood, branding their 30-block area as Old Highland, with the catchphrase, "A small town in a big city."

Ornate Queen Anne residence listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Constructed in 1895-98

Constructed in 1888

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I don't think you can find a more pleasant city to visit on a lovely fall day.  We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard  in the center of it all  -  thanks to our successful Priceline bid. We found that bidding on Priceline is the great way to go for low rate  (assuming the city isn't sold out due to a special event, etc.).  I took the River Architectural Tour which I thoroughly enjoyed and then walked along Lake Michigan where you can actually walk or bike on a path for 26 miles.  We also went to the newly remodeled Art Institute of Chicago (free on Thursday evenings).  The next morning we enjoyed our swimming pool overlooking the city and walked up State Street.  We then walked to Union Station where we caught the MegaBus for a long ride home -  it was went fast and it was rather relaxing. 

This ends our one month  "all you can jet pass" trip on Jet Blue Airlines.  Will we do it again??  Maybe.  The trip required A LOT of planning because it was basically seven separate vacations, however, it was another unforgettable trip of a lifetime.  Yes, we probably will do it again.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


 Vermont in the fall is on the "bucket lists" and I can understand why.  It actually surpasses the great pictures and photos I have seen through the years.  The distances between towns were short and there was always something interesting around the next curve.  The covered bridges were the best and my husband found most of them (whoops I just found out there are 107 standing covered bridges in Vermont - he missed quite a few).   I jumped out of the car for each one and took  photos from different vintage points and had a ball.

We started in Burlington VT which is a great college town (Nicole and Kelsey are you listening?)  and drove north along Lake Champlain and then to Newport for the night.  We continued back through Stowe and Montpelier.  I also discovered Brown & Jenkins Coffee in Cambridge VT.  and placed  my first order for the Black Ice coffee today.

Yes I would like to spend some more falls in Vermont - maybe do some hiking and biking (they have great trails around Stowe) and then continue our road trip -  I know I missed some great door pictures.