Sunday, September 19, 2010


The trip started with a drive to Chicago Ohara to catch a  flight to JFK.  We spent the night close to the airport so we could get to Ohara early.  We were told by a hotel employee that there would not be a toll on the way to the airport WRONG we needed 80cents in coins to exit the freeway - no bills and no attendent - fortunately my resourseful husband jumped out of the car and got change from the car behind us.  We were on our way. 
So far we are impressed with Jet Blue.  The personnel are pleasant and helpful. The airline seats have plenty of legroom.  We also like the free snacks and direct TV. 
JFK is probably the easiest and cheapest airport for transportation to Manhattan  -  $7.25 via air train and subway.  We were at our hotel 1hr and 20 min after the plane landed  (the return was not as smooth because we almost got on a train going the wrong direction).
Cheap Eats - 50 cent hot dogs with juicy onions and fresh bun at Grays Papaya on 37th&8th Ave.  Rated best hot dog in New York. 
BIGGEST SURPRISE  No More Honking in Manhattan.  There is a $350 fine for horn blowng - honestly,  it is quiet.  I still can't believe it.
We enjoyed the US Tennis Open and walked all over and were ready to leave all the action for the slower pace of Raleigh, No Carolina.

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