Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We are within walking distance of Hamilton HOWEVER the walkways frequently disappear and  the only way to  walk is on a narrow busy two lane road often with weathered walls on both sides.  You need to run fast and watch out for your nose if you peak out to see if any cars/scooter are coming. (Today I needed to watch my knees while I sat on a wall waiting for a bus.)  The roads and weathered limestone walls were built 100's of years ago and apparently no one wants to change them.  They have a good bus system for touring the island but if you want to jump off to explore you might not have a sidewalk. 

Bermuda is beautiful with turquoise waters, islands, pink sand but not quite as charming and peaceful as I expected.  Even though there are only about 64,000 people on the island it seems hectic because of the  heavily traveled and narrow roads.   (Hamilton has sidewalks and crosswalks.).    The ferry boat rides are lovely but the drivers decided to strike a couple of days after we arrived and no one seems to know why or when it will end.

Another new experience for us were the tree frogs that start chirping at sundown and don't stop until after sunrise.  We hear them throughout the night in our bedroom probably because we are staying in a area surrounded by gardens and trees.

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