Wednesday, March 6, 2013


     My daughter, Anna, and I needed to make a short stop for some groceries at Trader Joe's located at the Uptown Shopping Center in Hillcrest. Before we went into the store, she suggested we take a few minutes to walk across a nearby bridge.
     Frankly, I wasn't interested in walking on a bridge--I just wanted to make a quick stop at Trader Joe's, and get on the road home before rush hour. Besides, how could a bridge, over busy Washington Street, be worthwhile? But she really seemed to think I should do this--so off we went.
     Right away I knew why she thought I would appreciate it. She was right--it is one of the "cooler" walking bridges. There are colorfully written inspirational quotations along both sides of the bridge--all related to my favorite past time--walking. They are presented in a fun, colorful and artsy way.
     Here are a few of them:  
     "I'm thankful that I wear sensible shoes--and can walk with comfort all day long."--Kate Sessions
     "With lively feelings may I walk. As it used to be long ago, may I walk."--Navajo Chant
     "You must do the thing that you think you cannot do."--Eleanor Roosevelt
     If you decide to look down where you are walking, you can also read the various definitions of a bridge that are meticulously etched into the concrete along the sides.
     After a leisurely stroll across the bridge, we enjoyed the pleasant small vintage homes of University Heights surrounded by greenery. Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge connects Hillcrest to University Heights. It was built in1995. The entrance can be found at the northern edge of Uptown Shopping Plaza.
     Thanks Anna for encouraging your mom to slow down, and
"smell the roses."




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