Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I could not refuse an invitation from my favorite friend to join her group for a bus ride to Los Angeles to see a live viewing of "The Doctors" at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.  In addition, we would be given lots of free time to visit the Original L.A. Farmers Market and nearby Groves shopping area.  The bus was to leave from the Curves in Poway--I drove up to my friends' house the night before so we could make the early 6:30am free ride to L.A.

The trip started out a little shaky because we had to wait in pouring rain for over an hour for a late bus (Yes, it does rain in Southern California). Once we all boarded, we experienced water leaking from the roof of a not so clean bus.  Also, the windshield wipers looked a little suspect. Finally, we were on the road to L.A. in less then perfect conditions.

Fortunately, they ordered another bus for the return trip which turned out to be fine. About two hours later, we were dropped off at the Farmers Market and everyone made a beeline for the restrooms.  The sun came out and we had a lovely time walking, shopping, eating and people watching.

We quickly walked through the Market and headed for the more upscale Groves Mall. Our first stop was Anthropologie--I love the Vintage displays and clothing in these stores. It was during a visit to an Anthropologie store a few years ago that I came up with the name for this blog--My Vintage Journeys.

Fortunately, one of our Curves friends needed to visit The American Girl Place to shop for her granddaughter. We spent a lot of time looking at the gigantic selection of dolls, clothes, accessories and even books (yes, they can learn about history from these books)--interesting that the books were only $6.95--I say "only" because everything else is over the top.  Speaking of dolls, it makes me wonder what will become of my daughter Anna's Molly and other dolls that are currently boxed up in our Minnesota basement.

We returned to the L.A. Farmers Market which is quite a contrast to the upscale Groves Mall because more than 90%of the shops and stalls are independently owned and operated. The Farmers Market started in 1934. At lunch time, we all congregated at the old tables and chairs in the central food court to eat and discuss the many food choices. I highly recommend reading the "78 facts" about the Market which is on their website.

After a pleasant lunch at the Farmers Market, we hoped back on the bus and drove to a live showing of "The Doctors".  I find it very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of a live production. They herded us in, and then we needed to patiently sit while they "warmed us up" with jokes, trivia questions and instructions on when to clap and laugh during the production. Finally, the show began and I learned a few interesting facts like men having fewer wrinkles then women because they shave. There were a also celebrities on the show--Latoya Jackson and Denise Austin. Everyone in the audience received a free copy of Austins' recent book, Side Effect: Skinny.

The bus trip back to Poway was long because of traffic (we left during rush hour) but the Poway group managed to bring wine and hor d'oeuvre so all was well.  Once we arrived back at Curves, I had the pleasure of a side trip through a Poway neighborhood that has about 50 homes extensively decorated for Christmas.

Finally, about 10pm we were dropped off at my friend's home and I still had to drive back to Coronado on the San Diego freeways which I am still learning to navigate. Fortunately, I made it home safely.

Thank you, Jean, and her special friends that I've had the privilege of getting to know through the years.


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