Friday, April 27, 2012


The Vintage Traveler is having a great time on the German shores of the Bodensee.  I firmly believe that a real Vintage traveler needs to spend at least a week or longer anywhere worthwhile to get to know it and appreciate it. We are staying in Wasserburg am Bodensee in Germany for five nights and I already know it is not long enough.  Wasserburg is famous for its picturesque peninsula, on which stand the Church of St George (14th century), Wasserburg Castle, and the Malhaus (museum).  There are hikes through beautiful vineyards, and blossoming apple orchards with views of the snow capped Swiss Alps  - not to say anything about the tulips and daffodils that are in full bloom in April. 

 I just took a wonderful walk on one of the well marked walking trails up through the blossoming apple trees with a view back toward the lake with the Swiss Alps in the distance.  It was getting close to dark and I had to return before I reached the last town and church up in the hills.  The view was fantastic and I got to thinking about how rarely anyone who was on a tour or in a quick trip would take time for this hike.
There are a lot of fascinating old towns on the Bodensee - two of my favorites are Lindau and Uberlingen, Germany.   Konstanz is a larger city with more activity due to all the college students and definitely worth a visit. 

Germany has a great deal on travel passes which can be purchased at the local train stations upon arrival. We traveled on a pass through Bavaria one day (29 euros for 2-5 people traveling together on local trains) which allowed for a wonderful walk around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. We also could have used this pass to go to Munich for the afternoon.  On another day, we purchased a 25 euro pass that allowed us to travel around more than half of the Bodensee.  We also enjoyed a great walk from Wasserburg to the nearby towns of Nonnenhorn and Kressborn and then returned by train to Wasserburg.    Biking and boating around the lake is also very popular.


We stayed at the  Hotel Zum Lieben Augustin am See in Wasserburg.  It offered a great buffet breakfast and indoor pool and sauna.  It is a ten minute walk from the train station and a short train  or bike ride to Lindau -  I highly recommend it.  Nearby was our favorite restaurant called Haus des Gastes--we loved the tasty and plentiful fish soup. 

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