Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today I decided to do a little vintage shopping along Avenida Del Mar in San Clemente. I'm not much of a shopper but once in awhile I get inspired.  I found easy parking on the main street and started walking.   One of the first stops was a pretty florist which smelled like Marijuana - I suppose the flower arranger has a medical need for marijuana and maybe it helps his arranging I don't know but he's starting early in the day.  I then stepped into a few boutiques and clothing stores - all small and nothing special.  I did find  Angel Wings  to be rather creative and interesting with Bohemian style clothing.  I asked if I could take a photo but was was declined, perhaps I shouldn't have asked.  The only chain I recognized was "Fresh Produce" which I think I visited in Hawaii about 25 years ago (it was more my style then).  I was actually searching out stores that sell "vintage" clothing and definitely found a few - my favorite was Antiques and Uniques which had a nice selection. My mothers old raccoon coat would have been a hot item in this store.  I also learned a little bit about the bohemian style which to me is new clothing that looks old - like new sweaters with holes.  Some of the shops described their clothing as contemporary or modern contemporary.  They all had some interesting jewelry displays.  
Another rather unique find was the newly opened candy/pop store called Rocket Fizz that was well worth a stop. After a few hours of looking around I managed to purchase one cupcake tree ornament and a bracelet watch - boring huh?
I also discovered Cabrillo Playhouse on a side street that I would like to visit  for a play some evening. 


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