Friday, December 9, 2011



OK I missed my Tuesday Journey posting this week and I will probably be missing a few more because I returned to the Midwest for the holidays.  We actually returned a little early because Ron's dear sister Trudi is seriously ill and we wanted to be close by.  We flew from San Diego to Minneapolis and fortunately the pilot clued us in to the fact that we were flying over the Grand Canyon - it was a spectacular sunset view which continued for quite awhile as we continued  over Colorado.
It's always a tough adjustment to leave southern California for Minnesota in December.   I can't help but wonder why people live here in the tundra but then again I lived here most of my life and I'm normal - right?   
The weekend before we left California we drove down to Coronado Island to see the  Xmas trees and decorations at the Hotel Del Coronado - they were beautiful as usual and after you add a lovely walk along the beach and dinner with great friends it was a good start for the Christmas season. 

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