Saturday, March 26, 2011


As you all probably noticed I am not the one to make the speech at graduations and weddings and other important occasions - in fact this is probably the first.   I guess when your daughter achieves a milestone like a MBA you rise to the occasion.  Of course it helps that we are a small group and you are all family and close friends. 
Thank you all for coming and I think at this point you have all met one another.  Everyone of you has somehow made an impression on Anna and influenced her positively in some way.   For that Ron and I are very thankful. Of course, we are especially grateful for an incredible son-in-law like John who has given Anna support in so many ways. 
Anna and I visited the University of California San Diego in 1999 when we were making the college visitations.   We were both impressed with the surroundings and academic standings of the school.  Of course, we knew at the time that UCSD accepted less then 2% of the out of state students who applied.  Now Anna was a good student but realistically that was probably too much of a stretch and her tennis could only get her in if she was a top player which she was not.  Anyway it was worth a try. Little did we know at the time that someday she would be honored with a MBA from this great and impressive school.  

 I didn't realize when I became a parent that someday I would have the added benefit of learning and being inspired by my children. Anna has truly been an inspiration for me and many others. Ron and I are thankful  and proud of this amazing daughter - we wish her all the success and happiness life can bring.   

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and thanks again for being here.   

Saturday, March 19, 2011


One of the advantages of where we are staying in Solana Beach is the convenience of a train depot only a ten minute walk away.   Tomorrow I plan to catch the 10 am train to San Juan Capistrano to visit my brother and a cousin which will be one of the highlights of my stay in California.  My cousin Mae is older then me so as a child I  had the privilege of looking up to her and hearing everyone talk about her - she played the clarinet in the Patrick Henry band (guess who also played  in the Patrick Henry band?)  I also had the privilege of being the flower girl in her wedding.  She married a  handsome man and moved to California - where she  lived and raised her family.   I also remember  her because I accompanied my mother on her visits to see my aunt Ella(Mae's mother)  when she was older and eventually in a nursing home.  Aunt Ella always shared the letters and photos from Mae.  Tomorrow I will see her and she will be just as vivacious as ever - and still driving on the California freeways (with all the maniacs).
L'Hirondale Restaurant - San Juan Capistrano

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Tide Pools - Cardiff Beach
 One of my favorite walking routes is along the beach at low tide to the Cardiff Beach State Tide Pools.  On my first visit, I saw a cool red starfish - unfortunately I haven't seen one since. I can always count on seeing mussels, sea anemones and crabs. 

Mussels - Cardiff Beach Tide Pools

Sea Slug - Cardiff Beach Tide Pools

Today I saw a sea slug for the first time. There is something very fascinating about the tide pools, I guess it is like seeing under the water without getting wet. These little creatures survive two floods a days and are vulnerable to wind, water, rain and sun. The rocks at this tide pool are about 45 million years old - now that is OLD. 

 I also visited the Birch Aquarium at Scripps  - probably because of my new found interest in tide pools. They have a display of tide pools for observation and touching.  However,  I was most impressed with the incredible display of live seahorses called "There's Something about Seahorses".   The lionfish and octopus were also very interesting. 

Seahorse - Birch Aquarium

Seahorse - Birch Aquarium
Lionfish - Birch Aquarium