Saturday, March 19, 2011


One of the advantages of where we are staying in Solana Beach is the convenience of a train depot only a ten minute walk away.   Tomorrow I plan to catch the 10 am train to San Juan Capistrano to visit my brother and a cousin which will be one of the highlights of my stay in California.  My cousin Mae is older then me so as a child I  had the privilege of looking up to her and hearing everyone talk about her - she played the clarinet in the Patrick Henry band (guess who also played  in the Patrick Henry band?)  I also had the privilege of being the flower girl in her wedding.  She married a  handsome man and moved to California - where she  lived and raised her family.   I also remember  her because I accompanied my mother on her visits to see my aunt Ella(Mae's mother)  when she was older and eventually in a nursing home.  Aunt Ella always shared the letters and photos from Mae.  Tomorrow I will see her and she will be just as vivacious as ever - and still driving on the California freeways (with all the maniacs).
L'Hirondale Restaurant - San Juan Capistrano

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